Taking My Own Advice

Confession: I have been rather hypocritical lately. See, my Mom just started a blog, and she has posted a grand total of 1 time. I have told her that she should post more, that I want to read what she has to say, that blog posts don’t have to be a perfect, polished, blast of inspiration that wows everyone away, it’s really not what the medium was meant to do. She has kindly not pointed out that my brand new sparkly blog has sat over here being sorely abused with a grand total of, that’s right, 1 post. Sorry mom. Time to remove the plank from my own eye first, eh?

Anyway, why haven’t I written? It’s been busy, and by busy I mean college and work but what I really really mean is Netflix and reading and whole lots of other terrible excuses. I get lazy, or I think of posts I don’t want to write, because I don’t want to write the serious, somewhat painful, posts I know I need to actually write. I haven’t yet got the nerve to write and publish those, but I will soon.

And I have never been as good at small talk, and apparently that also means small talk posts as well. That’s something I’d like to be better at, but really, listening is so. much. better. But there is still that little voice that wants to be listened to, too. And that’s half the reason I started the blog, to appease that little voice. (The other being to talk about the serious stuff. Basically just to talk about stuff, apparently).

And I’m sitting here staring at the screen thinking this all makes no sense and shouldn’t be posted. Which is sometimes the reason I don’t speak, too. I really want to work on this through writing!

I see why Mom hasn’t posted yet. Anyway, hopefully she figures out that it’s easier than it seems at first. Hopefully I’ll figure that out soon too.

Sorry for the rambling,



2 thoughts on “Taking My Own Advice

  1. You really capture the difficulty in blogging! There is this feeling that every word must be revelation or else it isn’t worth sharing. Blogging every day has taught me, though, that that mindset is exhausting and impossible to keep up. Maybe start by making a few lists of your favorite things? Books? Authors? Movies? Netflix shows? What little things occupy your every day? 🙂


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