Maturity is (Occasionally) Overrated

I got a new debit card today. I was sitting in the bank talking to the awesomely helpful bank person, when I was asked which card I wanted. I looked at the three pages of colorful options in front of me. Different sides of my personality instantly started fighting.

My cat lover side instantly spoke up: “Is that a cat wearing sunglasses? WEARING SUNGLASSES? On a debit card! I must!”

Insecure little whisper: “People will think you’re crazy if you get that. You’re close enough to a crazy cat lady as it is.”

Mature, I should be adult now: “Look at these sunsets and stuff. Those are respectable debit cards.”

Immature, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here: “Those are so BORING. Look at the cool cat. Look at it!”

So anyway, my new debit card has  a pic of a cat wearing sunglasses on it. My responsible sides didn’t win out this round, and I’m awfully glad they didn’t. You can’t beat a cool cat.


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