Packing – 2 Days Until Germany

I have finally pulled out my suitcase and started packing. You know how big life events feel months in advance, with the feeling like it isn’t happening, then little things happen that give you a sense that it might actually happen, then oh it is happening like a thousand years from now, and finally the I am actually doing this feeling. Each little piece that falls into place just crescendos the feeling, whether it is buying plane tickets or asking for time off or your parents leaving ahead of you. Tonight, packing was a big one of those moments.

Guys, I leave for Germany in two days. TWO DAYS. Me. In Germany. With my luggage, which I am packing. Because I am going to Germany. Eep! This is real!

Hopefully i can sort this all out before takeoff

Packing is hard. I am not packing enough, yet I am packing too much! It is like prepping for a date that is going to last two weeks; I have absolutely nothing in my wardrobe to wear. What if I need to dress up? What if I forget my toothbrush? Oi.

And I find I am nervous for this trip. Not because of long over the ocean flights or culture differences or not being able to speak enough German to even pass a grade school exam (That all excites me. Bring it on!). I think it reminds me how much is riding on this trip. This isn’t vacation, this is helping my mom get her life back. The thought makes me anxious. And being anxious makes me worry about the little details. Do I really need that tank top or can I get due without it? I probably don’t need 5 minutes to decide.

Anywho, I have a list and am sure I will get it sorted. If I forget something it just makes a good story in the end, right? I could always use an excuse for a blog post.


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