Airplanes and Train Rides

So now to back track a bit and tell of Day 1 in Germany. Remember when I said I sleep well on planes. Haha, apparently not. Long flight over the ocean and I feel not tired at all. Christian felt the same way. I ended up getting a scant 2 hours in, and he none. Thankfully with no one next to me I had two seats to stretch out on.

We watched movies all night, and him and I distracted ourselves by trying to get ours synced up on our individual screens. We finished Batman v Superman (Not great, but fine), watched Mad Max (So weird, but yet engrossing), and I watched The Scorch Trials after that (Lower than even my low expectations. That is a terrible movie).

Ultimately the night wasn’t as bad as I thought it could be, and it put us well over halfway there (The man sitting next to Christian had another 10 hour flight to catch. Ouch). This was also my first introduction to airplane food, which I thought was actually really good.

We landed in Amsterdam, and had a short layover before our final flight. Our passports were stamped here, so mine says Amsterdam instead of anywhere in Germany, kinda bothers me but oh well. We grabbed a cup of coffee to try and keep awake and before we knew it our last plane landed in Frankfurt.

Only in the Amsterdam airport

Apparently they dont spell “Christiaan” the same way we do. Also, this is totally a shameless Starbucks cup photo.

Airport art is apparently universally weird

But traveling was not done yet. We caught a shuttle to the train station, and then three different trains took us over to Bad Mergentheim. I have always wanted to travel by train and doing so put a happy check on my bucket list. I didn’t get many pictures, and spent three hours mainly trying to make sure I didn’t fall asleep and miss a change in trains.

The train station in Frankfurt

Dad and Mom met us at the airport, and I am afraid they found two sleepwalkers. We walked at least the mile to our hotel, where we shared some salmon and potato cake appetizers at the hotel resturant. They filled us in on all the fun adventures they have had up until now, and we answered a few questions about our travels.

The party broke up soon, and Christian and I both crashed into a blissful nights sleep. Which is what I am planning on doing again now. Good night!


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