The Savoy in Bad Merganteim

Two nights of my and Christian’s stay in Germany are at the Savoy Hotel. This place has a lot of character, so I wanted to focus a post on it ( I will get to the rest of our getting here travels later)

Checked in, couldn’t find my room (It required finding the sky bridge on the 3rd floor, which is hard to do when the signs that tell you so are in German. Once a room was obtained, I couldn’t get my key to unlock it. My Dad assured me this was normal and jiggled it around for a minute until it magically opened. I still haven’t figured out his trick. (Update, Christian figured it out. You have to twist the key several times to the right and then the handle doesn’t turn, but you can push open the door)

Once I got inside I was greeted with such an interesting room that I had to take a video to show it well. You can find that below. Apologies for the vertical angle, I didn’t realize I was filming it wrong and I don’t feel like retaking it. Link to YouTube!

Overall the hotel is really nice and we are enjoying our time here.​ It is still sinking in that we are in Germany!


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