Day 2, Part 1: Walking and Amazing Food and More Walking

When Christian woke me up on Sunday at 7 (Almost 12 hours of sleep for me. Yay!), we decided to skip the breakfast at the hotel and wander down into Bad Mergentheim to find something there. This turned out to be a terrible idea, because nothing was open until 9. But we did introduce ourselves to the countryside and town. It is so amazingly beautiful here. True to my own prediction Christian is already tired of my picture taking. But I snapped a bunch anyway.

The Tauber

We eventually gave up our hunt for food and went to find out parents. We found the Hufeland clinic and got an abridged tour. Then we all went out to find coffee and pastries. We found them at the cutest cafe.

Not as sweet as American pastries, but amazingly delicious

Mom and Dad ran into some friends of theirs (They have become quite the social butterflies in Germany) so Christian and I decided to take a walk and explore another side of town.

A Euopean narrow alleyway! Made me so happy to see one

 Due to the confusing yet quaint winding and illogical roads in Europe, and also due to Christians impeccable sense of direction, we happened to come back upon the clinic. Score!
Our next adventure was to meet back with our folks and explore the festival that was going on downtown.

I finally got to try authentic French Macaroons!

You know, just the house where Beethoven used to live

An amazing church door

Inside the church

Another amazing door

There was a parade that we watched for a while that had people dressed up in different period costumes, I think it lasted several hours, but we decided to take a break and head back to the room at the clinic so we didn’t watch it all. It took us a while to figure out how to get around the parade and back to the clinic, but we did manage it in the end. Christian and I grabbed some ice cream on the way. I had the best little scoop of strawberry ice cream I have ever tasted, and he had a nut ice cream. Perfect for the hot day.


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