Day 2, Part 2: The Castle’s Museum 

Earlier in the day Christian and I had popped into the tourist information center to try and find a map of the city. We didn’t find a map but we did find out that the castle, the courtyard of which we walk through every day to get to town, had free admission to its museum due to the festival. The boys wanted a break, but mom and I were not going to let such an opportunity slide so we trekked over to explore.

Site seeing with Mom is amazingly fun (as with Christian. It is just two different experiences). Whereas Christian gets impatient with my photo taking (saying it is after all the 50th fountain we have seen, do I really need a picture of it? {yes, obviously}) Mom is the person who asks if we can stop and try to get a picture of the bumblebees on the flowers. We had a full 5 minutes where we admired the beauty of the little creatures and tried to capture their busy work.

We made it to the castle and found out we had been missing the courtyard all this time. We walked into a beautiful square and explored the church there.

Churches can be so beautiful

Mom at the church door

Then it was into the castle itself. Going through a museum without English descriptions is an interesting challenge, and Mom and I only had 50 minutes to do it in, but we had a lot of fun. In fact, it was probably more fun that way.

Spiral staircase looking up

Plaster falling off to reveal painted coat of arms

I want dragons on my ceiling

Designer of old: “You know what we should make a releif of? A lion attacking a beheaded knight. People will love it!”

I think we should make Bibles this beautiful again

The coat of arms above the castle enterance

Mom wanted to sneak farther up the tower than we are supposed to go, but ultimately we were good citizens and behaved ourselves.

We made it back to the clinic, where I sat with Mom and Dad as they had dinner at the clinic. This was a fun chance to meet some more of their new friends, to wind down and have a cup of tea and just chat.

Later Christian joined us and we had some sheep’s cheese and salami which Christian and Dad had bought at the fair earlier, and eventually broke apart for the night. We said our fairwels to Dad, as he was headed back to the states early in the morning.


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