Day 3: Settling In

After the long 24 hours of traveling, and then the first wide eyed wonderment day of realizing I am in a forign country, today has been a slower paced day of relaxing and settling in.

The morning had an inauspicious start of me waking sometime past midnight feeling utterly terrible. I had a splitting headache and thought it no doubt due to dehydration or heat exhaustion due to running around in the sun. This posed a problem as I had no more of the bottled water that the hotel provided and I wasn’t sure about drinking tap water in a forign country. I did what any sensible 23 year old would and I called my Mom. Even in a forign country (and us about a mile away from each other). She talked me through how to handle my now flu-like symptoms and 15 minutes later my panic was over and I was asleep. Thank goodness for moms. And here I am supposed to be taking care of her.

I woke up at 8 feeling amazingly better. I got ready for the day and had time to chill on the patio, taking in the new day. Christian and I gathered out stuff and said goodbye to our unique hotel and started hauling our luggage the long walk to the clinic, where now that Dad was gone we checked in as Mom’s support team.

I bunk with Mom in her room, and Christian has a little single bed place down the hall. (Due to the position of his room, he happens to be the only room on the clinic with WiFi. Many a person is jealous of him). I want to make a post focusing on the Hufeland Clinic at a later time, so I will leave the details until then.

Since Mom had infusions for the remainder of the morning, we wandered back to the cafe of yesterday and got a late breakfast again. We sat there for a while, enjoying the feeling of sitting on tables that literally sat on the cobblestone street. We watched as people shopped and walked around. The “Straße” had changed so much overnight. Venders had disappeared and stores had reopened. The streets had a different kind of busyness to them today. More of a regular bustle than a flurry of distractions.

Today I opted for hot chocolate and a butterhorn

We wandered through a few shops before returning to the clinic for lunch. The clinic supplies us with all meals, though you can let them know if you want to skip and find your own path.This gives patients a healthy diet to supplement their treatments. Lunch is the big meal of the day, with a salad to eat, a main course, and a bit of dessert.

Cold pear soup and an orange musse topped with toasted walnuts

Potatoes and “Kohlrabi Cordon Bleu”

With Mom having more treatments, Christian and I went to the grocery store to stock up on a few things. We wanted to see if we could find water that wasn’t fizzed or have a bunch of weird tasting minerals in it. Christian had the ingenious plan of getting cream and syrup for Italian sodas so that we could add the carbonated water to them and drink it that way. I also found some chocolate that had been recommended to me. German grocery stores don’t supply bags, by the way, unless you buy them. Not knowing this at check out we shoved everything we could into my purse and carried the rest. Thank goodness for giant purses.

We chilled at the clinic for a while until Mom was done sometime mid afternoon. She introduced us to her favorite cafe, where even though the waitress doesn’t speak English she and my parents have developed a small friendship. She gets happy when Dad learns a new word in German to use, and she has tried adding some English words to her vocabulary. She knew Mom wanted a capiccino (Mom says it is the best, i.e. strongest, coffee in town). For fun I ordered a Spaghetti Eis. It is ice cream extruded to look like spaghetti and topped with strawberry sauce and white chocolate shavings.

It didn’t taste much different then regular ice cream, but it was a fun dish

I ordered it because it was recommended by a friend of mine, Kathy, who lived in Germany for a spell. (She was also the one to recommend the chocolate). She was awesome enough to sit down with me twice when I was totally lost about all things German. I have a bit of a mental scavenger list thanks to her, as well as a rudimentary knowledge of pronouncing the language and general customs. It’s helped a bunch. Thanks Kathy!

We did a bit of shopping afterwords, and then ate a light dinner of some salads, bread, cheese, and some leftovers from lunch. 

I really enjoy dinners at the clinic, as they are a very social time with conversation flowing at the table well after the meal is finished.

Afterwards our little trio went to Christian’s room, where we have been working on emails and blog posts and all sorts of things. (I am finally caught up! Yay!)

Anyway, breakfast is at 7:45 and I need to get ready for bed still. Walking so much makes one quite ready for sleep.


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