Day 4: Modern Art is Weird, but Fun

I have always been a fan of a solitary walk. It recharges and refocuses me than most things in this world. It hadn’t been in my plans to have one today, but then today wasn’t exactly as planned anyway.

Last night Mom and I went to bedlam the night, and talked forever before we fell asleep. (We did have a lot to catch up on still, and it was like a little sleepover). It was great and I can’t complain, though it did short me sleep.

Morning came and at 8 we went down for breakfast. This was a nice compilation of fruit, yoghurt, bread and jam. There were also some cheeses, but I didn’t know what they were and didn’t feel like risking getting goat cheese or something.

Our original plan had been for Christian and myself to rent some electronic bikes (or ebikes, as everyone calls them) and extend the circle of our exploration. This ended up causing a bit of a confusing mess with the language barrier and all. Only one was available. All non-electric bikes had flat tires so we couldn’t exactly go that route. After a half hour of trying to sort it out we did end up reserving 2 for Friday, so we will explore the countryside then.

We did get to test the ebike though. It felt very weird, but when peddling uphill it didnt get any harder. Super cool!

This left us a bit listless for the morning. Christian was tired and was cool with just hanging out in the clinic, but I was not going to be inside when there was a world to explore! I told the fam I would be out taking a walk in the park, and would be back for lunch.

If you google “Things to do in Bad Mergentheim”, one of the top results is Kurpark, an expanse of trees and fountains and art which spreads over quite a few acres. I have actually walked through it many a time now, as it lies between the Savoy Hotel and the Hufeland Clinc, as well as skirting the road into Bad Mergentheim from the clinic. Today was the first day I walked through it for its own sake, however, and I was surprised to find just how much it contained.

The rose garden

This was a structure you could sit around or inside. It has cool water trickling through the twig-like walls, and provides a chill sanctuary from the hot sun

I have always thought modern art was rather illogical and strange, yet at the same time intriguing. The park was especially interesting as it had a mix of classic looking statues, modern metal work, lighter structures, and a nice balance of nature intertwined.

While not technically an artpiece, I thought this cool rustic gate with the grafitti behind it summed up the park in a strange way. It was located on the edge of the park

It also had several fountains, a feature I am very fond of. My favorite was a winding stone pathway with fountains scattered down the center, each just a little different, with its own unique sound bubbling blissfully to the world. There was also an artificial stream that bubbled out of some brickwork that I really enjoyed.

This is where the stream ended by the river. I loved it because I wasnt on a beaten path to find this, yet detail was still put into the steps letting it merge with the Tauber

It was a very pleasant distraction to my morning, and while I wouldn’t necissarily call it a must see, it is an enjoyable way to spend a little time.

Lunch found me back with the fam, enjoying a pleasant Kahlrabi soup, salad, chocolate pudding with fruit, and a veggi lasagna. I wasn’t a huge fan of the lasagna, but overal it was a pleasant meal.

I decided to chill for a bit and realized the weirdness of being essentially opposite the time schedule of almost everyone I know. My roommate, however, works weird shifts, and we were able to chat for a while, which was nice.

This afternoon Christian and I retraced our steps to the grocery store and picked up a few more items. I especially wanted to grab some flowers for my Mom’s room, as she has another month to go and I thought a potted plant that would last at least that long wouldn’t be amiss. As a side note many things seem cheaper in Germany than in America, though with the Euro I never am sure exactly what the difference is.

Pretty little roses!

Mom was done with her treatments by then, and we walked back to town to get coffee. Christian got another beer and brotwurst, mom and I did a bit of window shopping, and we checked out the visitors center for ideas for what we should check out while in the area. They were very helpful. We returned to Mom’s favorite place, and I got an iced coffee that was Eierlikör flavored. (Eierlikör was another suggestion of Kathy’s,  and as I was told it was similar to eggnog I knew I wanted to try it). I wasn’t a huge fan of what I got -which was more of a coffee float than iced coffee- but I think that was more of the combination of flavors a than the Eierlikör itself.

We dashed and beat the train gates closing (they close like 5 minites before the train shows up). Mom said she has been waiting 2 weeks to do that

Stonework in the town square

I am not sure what this place it, bit I sincerely hope it is the coolest pub ever

We had dinner, and while the nightlife here winds down very early I wasn’t quite ready to call it quits. I went to the bridge over the Tauber near by, with a few stolen crackers from dinner to feed the fish and ducks. Every day I have looked down and admired them, especially as there are so many fish there (my fisherman brother has been itching to put a line in).

You can see an old bike lost many years ago

I thought this was a perfect end to my more solitary day.


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