Day 7: Ebikes and Kabaps

I have been traveling for a week now! That’s a crazy thing to think of. And only a week until I start thinking of heading home. Let’s not think of it yet, let’s focus on the adventures instead.

Today was ebike day! Anyway, we had reserved two bikes, and hoped they were still waiting for us. We had breakfast, went back to Christian’s room to get stuff… And he fell asleep. Poor chap, apparently he hadn’t slept well the night before. I wasn’t going to begrudge him a well needed nap, so I wrote a blog post I had floating in my head about the clinic and surfed around YouTube a bit. He ended up sleeping all the way to lunch, which I finally roused him for.

We had a meal of carrot and ginger soup, corn cakes with Mediterranean veggies, salads, and cherries and raspberries with a custard. Not the best meal I have had here, but it was still satisfying. Lunch also included an interesting discussion about language, and I was taught the process of English Cockney slag. Baisically, you take the word that you want to turn into slang, the example given was “mate”, then you find a word it rymes with, making it “plate”.  Then you find something related to that word, and use that as your slang. Plates are part of a set of china, so instead of calling your friend your mate, English Cockney would say “china”. This is, by the way, a real life example I was given. Such a confusing method but fascinating. 

Afterwards, Christian and I went to the office, ordered some more water for our rooms, and found that two ebikes were indeed available. We unlocked them from storage and excitedly started expanding our circle of exploration.

Our rides for the day

Finally getting into the country a bit!

Selfies while bike riding not really recommended.

We spent about 2 1/2 hours doing this, winding past and in the roads in and about Bad Mergentheim and making it as far as Ingersheim. The countryside we saw was so beautiful. We wound through the park where we had walked that first morning, and it all felt like so long ago since we had been tromping down on a misty morning to find breakfast, with no idea where the town really was!

Let me tell you, ebikes are awesome. You see a hill up ahead, turn your assistance on from nothing to about medium, and you zip right up like it is nothing. So easy and fun. I was actually out of practice biking, not having done it for a few years now, and as Christian commented he “just watched me almost wipe out on a 1 inch curb.” So I was a little wobbly but I survived. (Also the break on my bike was to peddle backwards, a method I hadn’t used since my tweens. That took some getting used to).

After biking we decided to sign out for dinner and get Döner Kabaps. They could be found at Christian’s favorite brot source, and came highly recommend.

City Kabop, located right in the town square

Oh my, they were so. So. SO. GOOD. Baisically, they threw some dough in a press to make some buns. Then they took a little saw and shaved chunks of meat off of a spinning hunk of roasting pork. This ensures that every flake of meat you get is that awesome, crusty edge piece. Yum!

Spinning wheel of roasting meat

The bun was cut, the shavings of pork stuffed in, along with lettuce, pleanty of onions, tomato, and tzatziki sauce added. To top it all off, he asked if we wanted to add chili powder. Yes please. A hearty sprinkling of it was applied and I was handed a huge, steaming hot sandwich. (Christian and I are in a debate still as to whether it was just regular chili powder or not. I think there was more to it).

Nom nom nom

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing that first bite is into the soft, fresh bread, with the tangy sauce, the warm chili, the sharp onion, and the most delicious piece of pork you have ever had. And all for 4 euros. You can’t beat it. If I walked back out into the square again in search of food, I wouldn’t try something new, I would get one of these. If I got a food truck, it would be a Döner Kabap food truck and I would cruise around spreading the awesomeness. I will definitely be having more of this before I head stateside and I will definitely be searching for ways to make these at home.

We sat and talked with Mom and some other of the people from the clinic for a while as they sipped wine. Then mom headed to get her dinner, and I sipped tea in the dining hall as she had some veggi strudel, cheese, bread, and salad for dinner. We visited for quite some time, just the two of us, and now are finishing up our day by getting some stuff done online. Overall it has been a bit of a lazy day, but as I won’t have a moment’s rest this weekend that will probably be a good thing. Stay tuned!


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