Day 9: All Our Plans Fall Through and It is Wonderful

Today was supposed to be Rothenburg day. We had signed up for a bus to take us there, but not enough adventurous souls had signed up to go so it was cancelled. Come on, people, there is a world to explore! (I was obviously feeling more bright eyed and busy tailed this morning).

Christian saw this as another golden opportunity to sleep in until lunch, which left Mom and I to our own devices. It was another rainy day and the outside world didn’t promise much to do (very little is open on Sunday here). We decided the obvious thing to do would be to brew some coffee in her French press and hang out in our room for a while.

Mom’s coffee is strong and soo good!

Mom said it had been so long since she had time to just relax in the morning without anywhere to have to be. Not since she came here three weeks ago, anyway. We spent a long time just chatting and talking about the million of ways we are so similar, about our plans for the upcoming week, and the random things that do come up when you just sit and chat with someone.

At some point we remembered we had laundry to do. The clinic has laundry on site, so we hauled our clothes to the basement. At which point we saw a sign saying it was broken and will be fixed tomorrow. Oi. However, Mom says she went down last night and someone else has been using it just fine, who told her you just have to turn the water on. Mom came to the conclusion someone hadn’t realized this, reported a broken machine and it wasn’t really broken. Okay… I guess I was willing to risk it if she was. What was the worst that could happen? We could just turn the water off if the basement started flooding, right?

Well it isn’t that simple, because first you have to turn on the machine and get it going. A German coin-op with a bunch of confusing buttons isn’t the easiest machine. Finally we got it started; 3 euros for 2 hours, on express wash (or else the cycles run 1 1/2 hours. Express gives you half hour loads and you can cram several loads into the allotted time). I ended up leaving sticky notes for the next person, so they could figure it out as well. The machine worked just fine and we didn’t cause any floods, so that was nice. We hung our laundry up on a rack to dry for the day and went back to sipping coffee between loads, finishing at about 12:30.

A job well done. Now to let them dry

We made it to lunch after waking Christian for the last time for the day (we had to keep slipping in his room to get laundry or to make sure the do not disturb sign was on his door so room service wouldn’t wake him or whatnot. He was getting rather tired of it). We were a little jittery from all the caffeine, but feeling ready to tackle whatever the day brought.

After lunch, the day brought… More coffee! Yay! We walked into town in the light drizzle of rain, through the castle arches and into the square to find one of the few coffee places open on Sunday. This afforded me a chance to:

  • A. Wear the cute jacket I bought just for this trip which I was kicking myself for not wearing yesterday
  • B. Have fun with my new umbrella (I know my idea of fun is weird. I have simple pleasures)

We were supposed to meet up with an Austrailian couple whom we had befriended at the clinic, and until they showed up we grabbed another pastry at the place we had had coffee that first morning. Mom said we needed something to get rid of the coffee jitters, and I agreed. I had a bun with chocolate chips in it. There are too many pastries to try and I am going to be sad without them all back home. Until then I am going to guiltlessly enjoy them to my hearts content.

We then found our friends and looked for a new coffee shop to try, finding one in the town square called Zwillingshaus. Here was my first experience with German communal tables. It was fun, and as the couple who shared it with us spoke a little German we were able to have a short conversation. To order we had a little check list to fill out, but as none of us spoke German the waitress still did it for us. Mom and Christian got cappuccinos, and as I decided not to kill myself via caffeine overdose I got a buttermilchshake. I had seen them advertised elsewhere and my curiosity was starting to bug me. It ended up being kinda like drinking thin yogurt. A bit weird and sour, but I took a liking to it.

Christian wanted another kebap, so we went back to the resturant for those and mom and I split some fries. They topped them with ketchup and mayo, per our request, but ended up putting on an excessive amount of condiment. One or the other would have been enough. They were still good though.

Hot and deep fried and a perfect rainy day snack

We spent a bit of time stealthily feeding a pretty little pigeon (we thought we saw a sign saying not to do that in the park, and weren’t sure if it was frowned upon in town).

We essentially ended our day watching stuff in Christian’s room; Ant Man, always hysterical, and some Firefly episodes, which are always super good. Mom had seen neither and we felt the need to educate her on them.

We also video chatted the family back home. It was good to see everyone.

Overall, not what we planned, and not even all that exciting, but enjoyable and wholesome. Adventures can be had another day. Today we rested and talked and focused more on enjoying each other than enjoying Germany, and that’s just fine by me.


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