Day 11: A Fair in Königshofen

Hello, beautiful day! The clouds finally cleared a bit and the chill that had settled over the country has lightened to pleasant fall weather. We didn’t have any solid plans for the day, but hoped something would come up. The couple from Australia at the clinic said they had heard about about a Fair a short train ride away, which they were headed out to later in the morning and to which we were welcome to join them at. Mom couldn’t make it due to her treatment schedule, but Christian and I decided to go check it out. Our train rolled into the town of Königshofen late in the morning.

The town is very quaint. Nothing really to see as far as history or attractions goes, or at least none that we found. But it was nice to see the residential side of the country, something more lived in. It all somehow still held a very old world charm.

Some kind of cool water powered generator.

While the town doesn’t offer much in the way of attractions, today it did host a bustling Fair which did host a very pleasant experience. Much larger than I anticipated, the event was part carnival, part open air market. Being its first day and a weekday at that, there weren’t too many people flooding in yet, and we could wander and enjoy ourselves with relative ease.

I thought it was so weird how they were cooking these fish. I was not brave enough to try

Little pots of honey

Lots of flower bulbs

Candied nuts of all sorts. Christian got macadamia nuts and also pumpkin seeds

There were lots of random shops I would not have expected, such as socks or yarn, or in the case of this picture, fabrics

We took a break from window shopping and taking in the Fair to grab a bite to eat at one of the vendors. There wasn’t much variety in the food; much what we have already seen around Germany. We decided on schnitzel sandwiches with some curly fries. They were a bit greasy, but in the fair food, totally expected and wanted way. They certainly hit the spot.

We did some actual shopping after lunch. I found something for my roommate. Not sure if it will be a Christmas gift or a souvenir, so I can’t go into details. But I have been looking for something and it was the first thing I have found that really reminded me of her. 

I also picked up some pistachio likör at a shop. It tastes absolutely as good as it sounds. I am trying to figure out if I can bring some home. Christian got some strawberry rhubarb Likör, which is very sweet but would be fabulous on ice cream or mixed in a cocktail.

Only about half of this display os likörs. The other half is oils and the like.

Our wandering led us back into town. We had some time to kill before the train came by, so we did some more wandering around. Back streets are so pretty!

We found ourselves back at the water powered generator, where we spent some time watching the ducks and throwing them an occasional piece of food. There were a ton of them. They were quite fun to watch waddle around.

Making lots of friends

We caught our train finally and headed back to Bad Mergentheim. I texted Mom asking if she wanted to meet up for coffee. “Pastries??” she texted back. Yes, we could do pastries too. The five of us settled down on the street seating of our usual place, and I sipped my cocoa and ate some twisty pastry, which I think was filled with poppy seeds.

This is multitasking right there

We went grocery shopping afterwards. I got some chocolate and some macadamia cream (think a mild flavored Nutella). We also went to the grocery store in the mall and got some snacks. Mom wanted to eat dinner which wasn’t vegitarian leftovers, so we stopped at a place called Nordsee and she got some fish and chips. I was way too full to try them, but I think she was pretty happy with it.

Now it’s winding down and watching Firefly time. Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but I am sure random adventures will arise as they did today!


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