Day 12: Kayaking the Tauber

The morning dawned chilly, but the type of day that called for a wrap while still beckoning you into the street. In other words, the perfect fall morning. I started my day with breakfast and then coffee with Mom since she had about 45 minutes to kill before her treatments.  She can make a wickedly good cup of coffee; it had me buzzing and ready to take on the day. With Christian deciding to sleep in, for me that meant a bit of a solo morning. First stop, the small mall that is close by. I had noticed that they had pillows. Now, I think I already mentioned that I loved the big pillows that my rooms in Germany have had. The fondness in my heart for them has been strong, and I am sad that America doesn’t have giant, fluffy, square feather pillows which I can cuddle up with. I decided that was no reason for me not to have one. So I stopped at the Woolworth in the mall (Which I am told is rather a trip to the past, but that’s before my time) and found one for myself. I will find a way to shove it into my luggage to get it home, somehow. I also bought a pillow case for it, because I think forward like that. And a cute pair of earrings, just because.

The local mall/shopping center/I’m not sure what to call it. It houses a variety of stores, including a movie theater, a pizza place, a grocery store, and Woolworths.

Fishy fountain on the way to shopping

Well, I knocked on Christian’s door after I dropped off my shopping. Judging by the garbled response on the other side, he certainly wasn’t awake yet. I was not content to sit around, as Mom’s coffee was still kicking me into high gear. I wandered back out into the world with a notebook, thinking I would try to get a little writing done. I thought I would write in the castle courtyard, but I got distracted by some side paths and ended up taking quite a long walk along them. Turns out there were a whole network of paths which I hadn’t yet seen, which essentially form the beautiful setting of the castle. Little ponds with bridges, tree lined pathways, lots of rolling green grass. It was beautiful in the morning light.

I did finally settle down to write, but didn’t get any really done. It wasn’t so much due to writer’s block, because I thought of some ideas, it was just that none of my ideas fit my mood and surroundings. I had totally forgotten Mom’s suggestion of trying some short stories. That would probably have worked. Anyway, for another day perhaps. I sat for about 15 minutes, doing more gazing around the courtyard than putting pen to paper. I gave up at that point and decided I was in a reading mood instead. I went back to the Hufeland Klinik where I grabbed my book and sat on the balcony and read until Christian finally came to find me, and the lunch bell rang not long after.

This is literally all that I got written, and it doesn’t even fit in with any of the stories I’m working on

Beautiful nook to read in

After lunch, Christian and I headed out to see if we could find some kayaks. We  had biked past a shop full of different types of small boats during our ebike excursion. As far as we could tell, there should be some kind of boating experience to be had from it, so we walked down and checked it out. Well the woman who was there didn’t speak enough English for any of us to make sense of each other. Christian and I started to give up hope that we would get to do the excursion we had been planning on. However, another employee showed up, and with his better grasp of our language we sorted out that yes, we could get 2 kayaks. YAY!

It’s got a boat dock, that has to be a good sign, right?

It was surprisingly simple. He explained it to us, with his cheerful manner, laughing when he couldn’t quite grasp a word he needed. He pulled out two of the boats with their paddles from storage and hauled them to the launching point. He told us we had a few options we could kayak to along the river, and then we would give him a call and he would pick us up. To give us a bit of information he took us to a board full of pictures of various points of the river, pointing with a stick and letting us know “At this bridge, stay on the right. These rapids, stay left. Exit on the right when you see this house.” We hoped we would remember all this information. We were given a piece of paper, with instructions in German. Well, at least we would remember the name of the town we were supposed to get out at with it. He then launched us into the water. Without so much as getting our names, let alone any information or waiver from us, and we were to pay afterwards as well, Christian and I paddled away in his boats.

Sporting our pretty green kayaks

The board that was used to give us instructions. I hope we remember all of this!

We had decided our endpoint would be Edelfingen, and were told it would take about an hour or so to get there. We somehow successfully navigated the few faster spots and bridges we were supposed to be wary of, and for the most part had a vary lazy drift down a very lazy river, watching the ducks and herons and getting a closer look at all the fishies. There was one very shallow spot which we had to spend some time slowly getting our kayaks through, though thankfully that was only about 20 feet or so where our kayaks really didn’t want to move forward.

The thing about any sort of river drifting is that it is very hard to judge distance. It can take hours to float a few minutes drive. We were kayaking down a very tree lined and shaded river, thinking we should keep our eyes peeled for a white building for our end point. Thank goodness I had it in mind to snap some pictures of our instructions, because we second guessed that endpoint a lot. We started thinking we had passed it at what was in reality the half way point. Thankfully with nothing left to do but move forward that’s what we did do. We reached a point where both of us had made up our minds to get out at the next town and ask where we were, when we finally turned a bend in the river and saw where we were supposed to land. Our guide was there to meet us (Which makes me wonder if we were super late or something, since I thought we were supposed to call him). He attached the kayaks to the top of the minivan and gave Christian and I a lift back to Bad Mergentheim. We also somehow picked up two random other people on the way, and I’m not sure exactly how or why.

Ultimately it was a very pleasant time, and I had a lot of fun doing it. It only cost us 21 euros for the two of us to have this excursion, so it was very worth it for a couple of hours of spending time outside and exploring more of the country. On a side note I have now: been in a plane, taken a shuttle, taken a train, taken an ebike, walked everywhere, and taken a kayak while in Germany. I’m not sure I can find another form of transportation to try.

We walked back into town, and Christian got some fish and chips at Norsee, though he said they weren’t as hot and fresh out of the oil as they could be. It’s been a pretty lazy evening since then. I was going to paint with Mom but they didn’t have room for a non-patient, so instead I have been blogging and Netflixing (That’s a verb, right?).

Not sure what the rest of the evening will hold. Some reading for sure, and just general catching up with the news on my social sites. Have a good evening everyone!


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