Day 13: Fog and Shopping and Crispy Duck

Well, it has been a foggy week, but today the fog seemed to stick longer than normal. I walked through it and enjoyed the way the world can look so different depending on the weather.

My destination was the usual coffee shop, for a giant cup of hot chocolate and and pastry for breakfast. Today I tried the Amerikaner pastry, which was kinda a cross between a donut and cake. I was expecting it to be a bit more like a black and white cookie, but it was still good (It did have those flavors with the chocolate and vanilla glaze). All combined it was an uber sweet breakfast and I ended with a bit of a sugar high. Ah well.

I tried to pick Christian up a bagels and lox sandwich he had seen at Nordsee, but they didn’t have them out yet.

This morning Mom had hyperthermia treatments again, so  Christian and I kept her company and we watched part of Cowboys and Aliens while she sat in the hot box.

After lunch Mom and I finally got out for some shopping, just the two of us. Unfortunately we found not a single thing to buy. Doesn’t mean we didn’t have a good time though. We did stop to grab some dessert, back at my favorite bakery. My tiramisu needed more coffee, but it was still a sweet end to our unsuccessful shopping excursion.

We went back to the Hufeland Klinik, and I decided it was high time for a nap. Mom had a hot water bottle that she had left over from her treatments, and I curled up with it and quickly drifted into an awesome sleep.

We decided to forgo the clinic dinner, and head out for some Asian cuisine which has been highly praised to us. Christian, Mom, the Australias, and myself all took off around 6:30 for dinner. The place is called CT No. 1

I got their crispy duck with fried rice. I thought it was missing a sauce, but was still amazingly good. It was my first time trying duck, and while I found it very rich, it was very satisfying.

Christian got some sushi. Such a pretty plate

We haven’t yet figured out tomorrow’s adventures (I would like something kinda exciting for our last day, ya know?). I shall keep you posted as to what we decide to do!


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