Day 14: Tauberbischofsheim and Farewells

By this time tomorrow I will no longer be in Germany. Humankind is so weird and adaptive. The streets and views and sites and smells here have become normal to me, known by me. I feel like I have been her so long, that life is just going to continue here as it is. I have a place here. But such a home is coming to an end tomorrow, and today I tried to get together a good last day of traveling. I think I did so fairly well.

Such a view of the castle! I am seriously going to miss the rich history and beauty here.

For starters, I took a walk this morning. There wasn’t much of a hint of Christian pulling himself out of bed early, and today of all days I wasn’t going to wait around for him. I wasn’t entirely sure where my feet were going to take me, but they ended up taking me on a perfect little farewell tour. I started back in the apple orchard, admiring the perfect view of the city which it gave to me. I listened to my Hamilton soundtrack while doing so, letting the upbeat music fill me with energy on this fine morning. From the orchard I walked part of the Philosophenwag down the hill. I walked into Kurpark and again admired the fountains and the rose garden. This time I made it as far as the Japanese Garden at the far far end. I came back up the Philosophenwag and found the back door of the Hufeland Klinik locked, so I walked back down the Philosophenwag and back to the front, ready to wake up Christian and take him on adventures with me. No more sleeping in for him! I felt like my walk was a rediscovery and a perfect summation of the many walks I have taken by myself while here.
After figuring out all our travel plans for tomorrow, as we have to leave rather early, we hopped a quick 25 minute train to Tauberbischofsheim (I seriously don’t make these names up). All we knew is that there was an old castle there, so we didn’t have many expectations. It turned out to be a gorgeous place! The train station was one of the nicest I’ve been in in my travels so far. There was a long stretch of shopping district which we window shopped through a bit, but didn’t actually go inside, though from the looks of it there was quite a bit there for one interested in such things. There was even a little market set up in the square. Not much in the way of stalls, but there was someone with quail eggs. If I had been home I would have snatched those up to have fun with them. Ah well.

We found the castle well enough. Actually it was pretty much some old wall and a tower. There was a museum there that looked really interesting, but it didn’t open for several hours and we didn’t exactly feel like waiting for it to open, though if I had more time in Germany I would probably find a way to get in. It also looks like it is actually possible to climb the tower, with a guide. We couldn’t figure out where to sign up for that, but I hope Mom and Dad do. One of the major frustrations of all these old buildings is that they never let you up in the towers. The town also boasts of other beautiful structures that add a wonderful ambiance to the place. There was especially a church that looked very enticing. We walked along a park we found by the river, just killing time and enjoying the day.

Half the reason I include the railway station pics is to prove there actually exist towns with these names

During our walks we found a fire watch station. We tried for some time to find someone inside to talk to, but alas, there was no one around. We tried again later and found the doors locked. So we might have been trespassing originally. Oops.

For a break in our wanderings, we grabbed some ice cream. Neither of us was ready for lunch, though the noon hour was upon us, so we thought it would be the perfect snack. We found a place called Eiscafe Venezia. Both of us ordered an Apple Strudel ice cream, and it was amazing. Their ice cream over here has been so rich and creamy, and this was no exception. The Apple Strudel flavor was also quite delightful.

I never actually got apple strudel over here, but I’m pretty sure ice cream of the same flavor is a close second.

There are a surprising number of ice cream shops over here.

I knew I wanted one more Döner Kabap before I headed home, and I wanted one I knew would be fabulous. Once back in Bad Mergentheim, I stopped at City Kabop to have one last taste of this delicious sandwich. Christian and I sat and talked while we ate (He got some fried shrimp at Nordsee, as well as a beer). I was struck by the difference in doing something with someone and talking, and just sitting down and talking. I felt like we hadn’t really chatted for many a day, even though we have spent so much time together. It was good to just sit and chill and talk life.

This. I will miss this.

By now Mom was pretty much done with treatments for the day. Christian wanted to take a break, but Mom and I walked into town to pick her up some more cream for her coffee. We stopped to grab one last pastry and cup of coffee, at Zwillingshaus. I actually had a coffee today instead of my usual cocoa; a cappuccino that was perfectly strong and rich. Mom got an apple cake, and I tried a plumb one, which paired very well with the coffee.

So many options

Mmm, coffee

This put us right around dinner time, and after dinner Christian and I made one last run to the store to grab some energy drinks for the morning. (He’s going to need them tomorrow).

Goodbye shopping center! You have supplied us well

Last night in the library before bed, one of the Australians, Natasha, was messing around with paper and demonstrated how you could fold up a box.  She talked about some other crafts she had learned to do, and pretty soon we had a plan to get together and learn some tonight. It was a fun time. A small group of us made boxes and twisty little stars and accordion style cards. We laughed and chatted, and I was happy to have this moment of memory making with some of the people I have met while over here.

“The road was made while I was walking” was a quote someone brought up at the table, and I rather liked it.

Overall, I spent the day revisiting my haunts, having some lasts, and spending time with people I love. I couldn’t have asked for more.


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