The Longest Day of My Life

So I am positive airplane wifi is a myth, I have yet to successfully work it.

Today is literally the longest day I have ever experienced. I woke up at 5:30ish in Germany and walked into my parents house in Montana sometime after 10 PM, yet due to the weirdness of science and societal rules, I have actually experienced 25 hours in that timeframe (I think. I am not exactly a credible source on math right now). Here’s my notes from the day:

Frankfurt, Germany. 11:30 Local Time.

5:30 is when my alarm clock awoke me this morning. Early morning traveling is so much easier when you are going somewhere exciting. Though I am happy to be headed home.

Christian and I said goodbye to Mom and walked one last time through the streets of Bad Mergentheim to the train station. It was dark out still, with just the streetlights to guide us. The town was quiet and asleep, the sane people still not up and about on a weekend.

2 1/2 hours of train ride later, and we made it to Frankfurt. I distracted myself with a good book. I wonder when I will travel by train again. There certainly aren’t any foreseeable opportunities in my near future to do so.

Dad landed in Frankfurt a little before we got there. We thought we might be able to catch each other and say a quick hello. Due to the ominous long lines at security we couldn’t do so, though we probably weren’t a long way away from him.

We got through security with no problem. They dont make people take off their shoes here. (We do have to go through customs in Amsterdam probably… And then pic up our luggage in Minneapolis and maybe redo security there. Secreening at every layover! Grr. I just want to relax and not worry about paperwork or screening and just get home).

Somehow Christian’s and my seating got shuffled up, so for this first flight we aren’t even next to each other. At least it’s a short one.

Long day of traveling ahead.

Amsterdam, Netherlands. 3:16 Local Time.

Time to start the long long flight over the ocean. The flight from Frankfurt went well. It was, in case anyone was curious, about the length of the second part of Hamilton: an American Musical.

We got lunch in the airport, after we made it through all the checks and double checks of simply moving to the side of the airport that deals with flights to the US of A. I caved and tried a cheeseburger again, this time at Harvest Market, some cute little place, and more importantly the only place on this  side of the extra security protocols. Could someone please tell Europe that there has been a translation error, and we put dill pickles on our burgers, and not sweet ones? That being said, this burger was actually really really good. The truffle mayo with the fries especially awesome.
Time to watch movies for 8+ hours. Maybe I will actually sleep this time.

Still in Amsterdam. 4:00 Local Time.

Some sort of heat regulating trouble with the plane. Taxied back up for mechanics to look at it. Er, okay? 
Hoping this doesn’t seriously mess up my layover time in Minneapolis.

In other news I have already watched over half of Citizen Kane…

Minneapolis Minnesota, United States of America. 7:27 PM Local Time.

I have been awake for about 22 hours now. I’m tired, but strangely enough not really exhausted. Our plane did finally take off from Amsterdam, and I obviously survived whatever minor mechanical errors they had to fix, so yay for that! Thankfully we were able to make up most of the lost time. I was able to watch a grand total of 5 movies during that time:

  • Citizen Kane: Classic, interesting look into the downward spiral of a powerful man. I wasn’t sure what to expect but found it quite engaging.
  • Snow White and the Huntsman: Winters War: Better than the first movie, and a better cast of characters and plot to it. I quite enjoyed it.
  • X-Men Origins: Apocilypse: While I didn’t care for Apocolypse as a villain (just what can he do? And he wasn’t exactly original as far as villains go), I thought that this movie really worked to add some character development and emotional elements to ground the crazy CGI fight scenes in a good story. Very good movie overall.
  • The Intern: After several long hours of over the top scifi, I decided for something a little more realistic. This cute movie starring Anne Hathaway, about an up and coming online fashion business that takes on a senior citizen as an intern was quite enjoyable. While I am not sure I agree with all the messages it gives (Follow your dreams, even if it means you spend no time with your family), it was sweet in other ways.
  • Allegiant: I really only watched half of this and then fast forwarded through most action scenes after that because I was going to run short on time, but from what I saw, nothing really happens, too much time is spent focusing on weird scifi gadgets to fill the lack of plot, and they ignored most of the book. I really didn’t like that book, so maybe I shouldn’t be picky about it. But it is the principle of the thing.

As you probably guessed by now I didn’t sleep at all. I just haven’t really felt tired enough. I am going to crash hard tonight. (Christian is actually thinking he can go out for beers with friends after we land. Haha! Good luck to him on that)

We made it through all the final checks of customs with no issues, shared a quick plate of nachos (The fake cheese kind that sometimes you just get a craving for) and are just about to take off for Billings. Homeward bound!


So anyway, we made it home, and Christian somehow did make it out for drinks with his peeps, and we both somehow woke up way early this morning, when we made a giant pancakes, hash browns, sausage, and egg breakfast. Now the jet lag is sinking in.

Anyway, thanks for reading about my travels! I guess my blog goes back to a general life thing now. But there are adventures to be had at home too.


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