Let’s Catch Up – The Story I Have Avoided Telling

And here I thought I was being such a good little blogger. Apparently not so much as I thought. To be fair, not much has happened since Germany. Or at least, not Germany level exciting, which to be honesty is really hard to beat. There have been other reasons, I suppose. I told myself I would be honest here, and there was a giant rough patch in my life I didn’t want to talk about. See, the day before I took off for Germany, my supervisor sat me down at work and told me that my probationary period at work wasn’t really working out and that I was being let go. Ouch. It came from let field and it certainly wasn’t something I wanted to announce to the whole world and I needed to come to grips with it myself (though there is a funny story about how when telling my parents over video chat a few minutes later I was apparently crying and telling nearly the whole Hufland Klinic, due to my parents only being able to get wifi in the general hang out room. I am so glad I did not realize this when I met everyone there two days later. Oops). It was a good feeling to run away from the burden and fright of unemployment and find myself with my family in a foreign country. I had already got my Euros and had to spend them, so I couldn’t even let money weigh me down. I couldn’t even job search because the websites always shifted to jobs in Germany. I had two weeks to have fun and not worry, and it was amazing.

Decorated my desk with an owl that a friend had given me.

I came back uber jet lagged, and took several days to get motivation up, but when I did the job search was on. God is good, and He was certainly good to me. Within a week or two I had some interviews set up, and within another week I found myself with a job. A job that was closer to where I lived, payed more, had benefits (it makes me feel so adult), and where I found this amazing group of people and where the work was much more my thing. I love working there and couldn’t be happier about it.

And with retrospect, I’m glad my old employer recognized that I wasn’t fitting in to the work right and let me go. I struggled with many aspects of it (Property Management is just not something I excel at, as much as I loved a lot about it.) I do miss my old office comrades and the fun adventures we had, but I don’t miss struggling to make tenants happy while really trying to make owners happy, of having to tell someone you can’t help them without being able to tell them why.

It was a scary lesson in God’s guidance and planning, but it was a good one for me.

Anyway, that’s the major recent transition in my life. There have been some fun events intertwined, but most of them are deserving of their own post (Amy’s visiting me can certainly not be summed up without it’s own post, but more on that in the future). I will attempt to actually be a better blogger, but am too realistic to make such promises.

Happy Saturday!