Friends are Awesome – Especially Mine

So I’ve been feeling uber blessed recently due to the amazing people who are part of my life. The thing about friends – good friends – is that you can do anything with them and the time is special and worthwhile and wonderful, or it least it always seems so to me. Take last night, for instance. Sitting on my couch, contemplating the fact I had no plans and it was only 7 o’clock and I had already Netflixed, (totally a verb, right?), read, worked out and wasn’t sure how else to while away time, when I received a snap chat informing me that I should join some peeps for a last minute bar trivia team. I drove the 20 minutes to the bar, where our small team of 4 was totally decimated by the competition. But we finally won the random participant prize! Yay! We’ve been striving for that for months. And we did it while munching on amazing food, sipping even better drinks, and just generally enjoying each other’s company.

For Thanksgiving my roommate (and dear friend) Elizabeth and I decided to host. It was fun to see both our families crowded around the dining room table, eating pie (so, so much pie. I still have pie, like a week later. And trust me I’ve been eating it). There was a point where her dad asked me how 2 1/2 years of sharing an apartment had been for me, and both Elizabeth and I instantly answered “We hate each other.” Apparently we’re on quite the same wavelength, and while we certainly don’t “Hate each other,” we do share so many memories, whether she’s dragging me into some outdoor adventure I would usually hesitate to do but end up totally loving, or whether we’re marathoning Friends or MASH together while sipping tea. They’re all good memories and all moments I cherish.

My friend Amy came to visit me this month! I really can’t begin to convey how amazing that fact is. See, Amy belongs to a very beloved friend group of mine that was almost entirely started and grown over the World Wide Web. We have managed to see each other here and there over the years, once at summer camp, once in Texas for a conference, and twice for the random adventures of a graduation and crashing a mutual friends wedding. Which when you realize she’s been one of my closest friends for near on 10 years now is not a lot at all. While she was here we visited The Grand Escape Room (my favorite thing to do in Billings ever), went on quite the search for tea, drank way lots of tea, and explored the world wide cuisine my little city has to offer. I was so blessed to have her come see me, and so crazy amazed that for the first time ever I’ve seen her twice in one year, and have plans of seeing her again soon!

Ironically, the first time I have Apple Strudel is not in Germany. But at a very good German restaurant not far from my apartment.

We escaped the room! Yay! Also, if you are in Billings and you have not yet tried The Grand Escape Room, do so. Sign up at

My sister Jenna (my siblings totally count as friends) and I were trying to do Nanowrimo this year, (I failed, miserably) which entailed a lot of writing, and especially a great write-in where I went over to her place, we grabbed coffee, wrote for ages, made pizza, watched Gossip Girl for a while, ate ice cream, and finally went to bed fell asleep on the couch at  3.

I watched White Christmas for the first time during a random pizza party. It is a delightful, well acted and engaging old movie which exceeded my expectations. I saw it over at the house of a family from church, who are always so good about opening their home to people coming over and just hanging out. They are always so good at not only making people feel welcome, but of asking how life is going and praying for whatever is going on in the day to day grind.

My Broskovich (=Brother: Christian) and I went Black Friday shopping. We set out at about midnight to see what deals we could grab (Walmart has awesome movie sales, and Khols had a great sale on boots I needed, yay!) While I can’t argue for stores staying open on Thanksgiving, especially Thanksgiving night for crazies like us, it was a blast running around with him. We ran out of places to shop around 3, but being wired on energy drinks we decided to eat leftover mashed potatoes and watch one of our new movies. It was grand.

I finally watched Doctor Strange! And was a terrible Marvel fan and missed one of the final end credits. But it was great hanging out with Christian and Lisa and Kate and enjoying a quite engaging if somewhat weird film.

There are so many people that aren’t represented here. These are just the events in the past few weeks that really stand out in my head. It doesn’t include the funny chats friends have sent, the after church discussions over coffee, the way Dad and I have already been drinking our signature drink of Jacks’ Irish Christmas now that eggnog is back on shelves… I’ve missed a lot, but I can’t ramble in this blog post forever.

Thank you all for being a part of my life. I know a lot of you won’t read this (Because a lot of you don’t know I even have a blog… That’s my fault) but I really love and cherish each and every one of you.


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